For assistance on accessing an upcoming livestream, please visit our Livestream FAQ page here.

Please make sure you have the following streaming requirements in place for an optimal viewing experience.

Internet Connection

We usually stream at bit rates between 700kbps to 4.5Mbps. Having some overhead in your connection is a good thing because you’re probably using your Internet for more than this stream. We recommend having 5Mbps-10Mbps download speed. Check your speed at The quality of the video in the player may adjust up or down if your Internet connection changes during the stream. This feature allows you to enjoy the stream without disruption. On a desktop and in some mobile apps, you can bypass the auto bitrate by clicking the gear icon on the video playbar and selecting a specific resolution. If your video is really buffering, try selecting the lowest possible resolution.

Supported Web Browsers

Our player works well across nearly all browsers released within the past two years. We should support the last 2-4 most recent versions of every browser including, as of November 2017: Chrome 58+, Safari 10+, Firefox 52, Internet Explorer 11+ and Microsoft Edge 14+. Note: Flash is not supported except in IE11 on Windows 7.

Supported Mobile Devices

iOS devices: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 2 and later, iOS and higher. Android devices: Android 4.0 and higher.

4K Viewing

4K livestreams are not available at this time.

Supported OTT Apps

Stay tuned for information regarding our Roku release. In the meantime, many of our Roku customers have found success using the Video & TV Cast app. This will allow you to stream from your mobile device to your Roku. More details can be found here.

Smart TVs

Are not supported at this time.