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Be In the Stream

How It Works!

While we can’t be at the show, let’s be in the show. Learn how to be featured in the stream on the FANS CAM, review our house rules, and join users across the globe tuning in for FANS livestreams.

Before you join, feel free to set your scene for a better chance to be featured on the FANS CAM. Get dressed, grab a drink, vibe your lights. With FANS immersive technology, you might catch yourself alongside the band — in the stream.

Here's how it works:

  1. Check out our livestream lineup here for all upcoming events on FANS.LIVE. See some shows you like?
  2. First time zoom user? Download Zoom in advance here.
  3. Each Livestream will start automatically, directly within its event page. Pump that volume, as this is where you’ll continue to watch and listen to the stream!
  4. To Be In The Stream, select the “BE IN THE STREAM” button underneath the video player in the event page at the time of the event. You will then be prompted by Zoom to join in the room.
  5. Users are muted upon arrival and through the duration of the stream. But, feel free to take advantage of the chat feature to connect with other fans in the Zoom.
  6. Be sure to turn your video on. (Psst – if your video remains off, our moderators will boot you from the Zoom. It is a party, after all!)
  7. To see all the other fans watching, select “gallery view” in the upper right corner of your screen at any time.
  8. “I REALLY want to be featured!” Our moderators and artists are keepin’ an eye for the top fans to feature on the FANS CAM, in the stream. So dance, sing, do your thing. We recommend shooting video horizontal for higher chances to be chosen; costumes are encouraged, artist merch is favorited, and dogs/cats are – obviously – extremely cute.

Please be courteous, stay on mute, and thanks for joining.

See you In The Stream!


How to Be In the Stream