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Jay Blakesberg hosts Photos With Stories: GODLIS STREETS From the Bowery to Broadway 1974-1984 on Sunday, February 28

When he’s on the street armed with his camera, photographer David Godlis describes himself as “a gunslinger and a guitar picker all in one.” Ever since he bought his first 35mm camera in 1970, Godlis has made his mission to capture the world on film just as it appears to him in reality.

Godlis is most famous for his images of the city’s punk scene and serving as the unofficial official photographer for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. For 40 years, his practice has also consisted of walking around the streets of New York City and shooting whatever catches his eye: midnight diner patrons, stoop loiterers, commuters en route to the nearest subway station. With an acute sense of both humor and pathos, Godlis frames everyday events in a truly arresting manner.

His current book, GODLIS STREETS, presents Godlis’ best street photography from the 1970s and 1980s in a succinct celebration of New York’s past. In this very special edition of Photos With Stories, we’ll have the pleasure of eavesdropping on a conversation between legendary photographer Jay Blakesberg and David Godlis.