KEEN x Garcia Present

Rainforest Benefit Concert

Protect the Tongass

Thursday, April 22 :: 8:00PM ET

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Artists Come Together For KEEN x Garcia Present: Rainforest Benefit Concert — Protect The Tongass on Thursday, April 22

On Earth Day, April 22, KEEN x Garcia Present: Rainforest Benefit Concert – Protect The Tongass. A lineup of exceptional artists are coming together in renowned music clubs, performance spaces, and venues to celebrate Mother Earth and the joys of nature. Immerse yourself in the energy of beautiful music and uplifting and inspiring stories.

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the largest temperate rainforest, and one of the most carbon-storing terrestrial ecosystems on Earth, is now open for logging due to recent Trump administration rollbacks in protections. Garcia’s commitment to protect rainforests stretches back to the landmark 1988 rainforest benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, as well as his 1993 painting “Junglescape,” which is featured on the new limited edition KEEN Newport Sandal. The Rainforest Benefit Concert – Protect The Tongass, a nod to the famous Grateful Dead show, aims to raise donations and fan petitions to the Biden administration’s mission to protect the Tongass National Forest.

Add a great cause and an incredible collection of musicians, you’ve got yourself an event worthy of your attendance and participation. We’re asking you to take action to reinstate the Roadless Rule on the Tongass National Forest and work with Congress to pass the Roadless Area Conservation Act. Please spread awareness, sign the petition, and help out in any way that you can.

Why KEEN X Garcia

Jerry Garcia made live music as a shared experience, one created with his audience, not for it. This idea of ‘togetherness’ has never been more relevant. KEEN shares Jerry’s belief in the power of play to create connections, as kindred spirits in the pursuit of community, freedom, equality, and fun.

Driven by a mutual passion for protecting the places we love, a portion of sales from the new KEEN x Garcia collection will benefit The Wilderness Society’s ‘Protect the Tongass’ campaign to reinstate protections of the Earth’s largest and most intact temperate rainforest, the Tongass National Forest of Alaska.

The collection features three styles: a numbered, limited edition of the brand’s iconic KEEN Newport sandal featuring Jerry Garcia’s Junglescape artwork, and two new KEEN styles—Yogui and Elsa Lite—which feature Garcia’s New York at Night and Banyan Tree artwork from the collection’s initial launch last August, now available at retail globally.

This special collection celebrates Jerry’s enduring musical, artistic, and environmental legacy with 1% of proceeds donated to The Wilderness Society to protect the Tongass rainforest of Alaska.

Wilderness Society — Protect The Tongass Facts Everyone Should Know


People often think of the Amazon as the lungs of the Earth, but the Tongass National Forest of southeast Alaska stores 10x more carbon and holds 4x more biomass per acre than even the Amazon, making it the most bio-dense forest on Earth.


50% of the Tongass has already been logged since the 1970s, making this old growth ecosystem also one of the most endangered forests on Earth. As of October 2020, The Trump Administrations roll-back of the Roadless Rule has opened up the remaining 9m acres of old growth to logging, an area bigger than the state of Maryland and Delaware combined.


Gen X sees climate change as THE most important issue, and protecting carbon-storing natural areas is our best climate solution, while providing subsistence for indigenous peoples and habitat for endangered wildlife.


Protecting the Tongass will not only protect this old growth forest, but also the tens of thousands of jobs related to commercial fishing and tourism that depend on healthy trees, clean water, and one of the world’s largest salmon runs. Logging the Tongass has already cost taxpayers $1.7 billion.


The Wilderness Society continues fighting to protect threatened public lands and waters and ensure that these places equitably benefit us all. Learn more about how to protect our wildlands, climate and communities here.