Tom Hamilton Presents


Live From The Ballroom

Thursday, November 12 :: 8:00PM ET

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About MORE!

Rebroadcast Tom Hamilton Presents: MORE! Live From The Ballroom on Thursday, November 12

Catching up with friends is good for the soul. The story behind this live stream is about reconnecting with old buddies to rekindle a common bond and history. Let’s let Tom Hamilton explain this one.

“At this point, I’ve really come to embrace the fact that I don’t have my current touring bands or buddies to play with. Necessity is the mother of invention, ya know? So with “From The Ballroom” I want to use this time on my hands to build a collection of unique experiences. Each performance a new project/collaboration/group, focused mostly on original material and presented in a way where my role is different than it is in Ghost Light or JRAD. The first session was a solo set at a piano, and it turned out to be a beautiful and intimate evening. This new episode is a collection of music that feels very fresh, different and exciting to me for so many reasons.  It is called, MORE!”

This is a journey that we’re curious to hear more about. Tune in on November 12 on FANS, Facebook, and YouTube and find out!