The Jerry Dance Party

Featuring DJ JerrBrother

Friday, May 29 :: 10:00PM ET

How to BYOB: Bring Your Own (Virtual) Background

About The Jerry Dance Party

There’s nothing like a late-night Jerry Dance Party with DJ JerrBrother! Bring Your Own (Virtual) Background and Boogie in the Stream on Friday, May 29 at 10PM ET

The music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia was meant to be enjoyed in the company of friends! If you’re feeling like a stranger, you can stay connected to old and new Heads at The Jerry Dance Party featuring DJ JerrBrother!

Bringing together a set-list of Jerry Garcia’s entire career to the dance floor, and featuring the most ripping, psychedelic live tracks, DJ JerrBrother is our resident ringleader whose love for the music of Garcia and the Grateful Dead has fueled the project and gained the respect of Deadheads around the country.

Want to BYOB aka Bring Your Own (Virtual) Background? Here’s HOW! Upload your memories or favorite graphics to your Zoom background! Share photos from Dead tour or search for the trippiest graphics to bring to the party with you. The more psychedelic, the better! We’ll mix your backgrounds into the stream for a truly immersive, psychedelic, audio, and visual experience.

Donations will be gratefully accepted to support DJ JerrBrother and his quest to bring more mind-bending dance parties to FANS and beyond. Nothing left to do but smile! We’ll see you on the dance floor.