I Wanna Dance With Somebody Dance Party

Featuring Andy Frasco

So, You Wanna Dance With Andy?

  1. Andy will get this livestream party started on Saturday, May 2 at 10PM ET. Watch the stream above on your preferred device.
  2. You wanna dance with somebody? Join the Zoom Dancefloor with other fans here, starting Saturday at 10PM ET. Keep your video on and your mic off. You’ll be able to see everyone’s moves on the Zoom Dancefloor, but to see and hear DJ Frasco you must keep the stream open, too!
  3. The show’s audio is available via the stream on FANS.com. Please be sure your stream’s audio is turned up. The show’s audio will not be available on the Zoom Dancefloor. This way, everyone can keep dancing to the same beat!
  4. Before you join the Zoom Dancefloor, feel free to set your scene for a better chance to be featured in the stream, dancing with Andy. Get dressed, grab a drink, and get ready to grooooove.

About Andy Frasco

We’re all missing the dancefloor right now, but is anyone missing it as much as Andy Frasco? If your answer is YES!, tune in on Saturday, May 2 at 10PM ET to join Andy Frasco’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody Dance Party and show off your skills. During the two-hour stream, Fans will have the opportunity to be “invited” into Frasco’s DJ booth to shimmy and shake in the virtual world, winning accolades and bragging rights throughout. The best dancers will be able to judge the next contest, pick the next song, choose the dance-off competitors, and partake in other party shenanigans we’re craving during social distancing.

Andy Frasco is known for his larger-than-life stage personality, oftentimes hopping up onto his piano mid-set to bust out his dance moves. If there was ever a person you’d Wanna Dance With during these times, it’s Frasco! Channel your inner rock star by grabbing a costume and coming prepared with your best moves. There is no such thing as “too festive” for this dance party, so show us what you’ve got!