Collection: Bob Weir and Wolf Bros St. Patrick's Day 2021: Live from TRI Studios | WED, MAR 17

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros St. Patrick's Day: Live from TRI Studios

Bob Weir – Don Was – Jay Lane featuring Jeff Chimenti and Greg Leisz with special guests The Wolf Pack, Live from TRI Studios

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Spend St. Patrick's Day with Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, LIVE from TRI Studios

Kiss us, we’re grateful! St. Patrick’s Day is upon us again and celebrating wouldn’t feel complete without a stellar night of live music to fuel the festivities.

St. Patrick's Day evening will be filled with plenty o' music thanks to Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, with Bob Weir, Don Was, and Jay Lane, featuring Jeff Chimenti and Greg Leisz, with special guests The Wolf Pack. The band celebrates the magic holiday by playing LIVE from TRI Studios.

Specially printed collector tickets are available, along with an exclusive event t-shirt, and poster. So, get ready to (sham)rock! FANS is feeling luckier than a four-leaf clover.

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