Are you looking for some live music to close out 2020? Reggae star Matisyahu’s uplifting Hanukkah celebration is livestreaming via FANS on December 10, 11, and 17. The goal of these livestreams is to help bring people together from all over the world. Music is the sweet escape we need right now to reduce the stress of daily life.

Never heard of Matisyahu? Sixteen years after releasing his debut album, singer-songwriter Matisyahu has continued to share his musical journey with us. Matisyahu has achieved the remarkable feat of bridging the gap between rock, reggae, rap, and Judaism. His upcoming Festival of Light livestreams on December 10, 11, and 17 are a reminder that we each have the power to bring light to the darkness.

“My vision for this year’s Festival of Light livestream shows is that families can safely gather together, either around the menorah or anything that binds them over the holidays, and share a meaningful experience during Chanukah 2020. It is one that will never be forgotten. I hope that my music can be the soundtrack to this event and help to inspire during these challenging times.” – Matisyahu

5 Things We Love About Matisyahu

1. This uplifting quote about playing The Capitol Theatre, his hometown venue.

“Performing this year’s Festival of Light livestream shows in Westchester, NY and even more poignantly at The Capitol Theatre, brings the entire experience full circle in a very personal way, being my hometown venue and one of my favorite theatres in the world. Prior to COVID, my wife and I attended shows there often, given the proximity to our home and the fact that it stages shows from our favorite artists and bands. After almost a year without playing music live I could not imagine a better place for this year’s Festival of Light. It will really feel like being home which is very fitting for this year, only missing the joyous faces in the audience looking back at us, which we all hope to return to very soon.”

2. His adorable family.

This new dad is probably so exhausted but he’s still rocking out with his baby!

3. He knows a good opportunity when he sees it.

Instead of canceling his Festival of Light shows this year, Matisyahu chose to play at his hometown venue in Westchester, New York. We’re grateful for the chance to honor the spirit of Hanukkah by staying true to traditions.

4. He has a positive spirit.

Since Matisyahu has a strong connection with his own musical journey, he’s constantly putting out positive words for a positive life.

5. The vibe that we’re getting from this video.

It’s been a while since Matisyahu played a live show and we can tell he’s excited for Festival of Light 2020. Above all else, Matisyahu can throw a mean holiday party! Matisyahu knows how to have fun, and we love him for that.