On Thursday, November 19, we’re streaming Kyle Hollingsworth’s Next Big Show featuring live music, shenanigans, hilarious skits, and interactive chances to play along. We spoke with Kyle about what fans can expect from his innovative, unexpected, and just plain fun programming.

FANS: Your upcoming “Next Big Show” on FANS will give us a glimpse into your living room and home studio. Can you describe any artwork or memorabilia that we might see surrounding you at home? What personal items give you inspiration while you’re playing?

KH: Yes yes, you will see some of my music creation areas (everywhere else is too messy to let you see). So my prized possession is my trophy from Red Rocks that reads “Kyle Hollingsworth of…Widespread Panic”..the printer put the wrong band name on there!! I love it!! I wonder if JoJo has one that reads “JoJo of The String Chesse Incident.” I have an old photo of my dad playing piano, all ripped and black and white, it’s nice to have that close while I’m playing.

FANS: Live music helps form communities. As a member of The String Cheese Incident, you have one of the most dedicated and loyal fanbases. How will this stream bring the community together?

KH: With laughter, hula hoops and dancing!

FANS: Your “Next Big Show” is a variety-style themed show that blends musical numbers, comedy sketches, and special guests into one jam-packed event. They say variety is the spice of life! How do you bring variety into your music?

KH: Well I try to approach each musical experience with new eyes and ears. With the “Next Big Show” I wanted to step it up a bit from my last show. So I looked at it from a viewer’s perspective: What would be funny for them? What would keep them engaged?

FANS: This stream is in support of your latest EP entitled, 2020. The EP is a mix of upbeat songs like “Live Forever,” and “Got It Figured Out,” and was released shortly before the pandemic shut down the country. Have any of the songs’ meanings changed for you since you wrote them?

KH: Hmmm, I love performing all the songs live with my band KHB, so nice to have new material. But it’s a song off of my last disc called “All Falls Apart” that has changed meaning for me. It speaks of loss and finding a way to pick up the pieces and stay strong.

FANS: In your last “Big Show,” you pulled songs from your personal catalog, repertoire from The String Cheese Incident, as well as some stunning, and dare we say, “BIG” bust-outs. What’s one of your favorite songs to cover?

KH: I’ve been having fun playing “Can’t Stop Losing you,” by The Police, and “Hella Good” by No Doubt.

FANS: Variety shows tend to have a certain charm about them that comes from silly antics and witty banter among the hosts and guests. How do you pick the right special guest for the right moment?

KH: Right? I know its tricky…well I guess just being yourself is probably the right call, let it naturally come out.

FANS: Your last “Big Show” featured a virtual dance party, and this one will feature live BINGO. BINGO Night is always so much fun, full of community, and friendly competition. What is it about BINGO that people of all ages seem to love?F

KH: The huge prizes!!!

FANS: Why did you choose BINGO for this upcoming show?

KH: I wanted to have an interactive game, parcheesi would have been fun because of the string cheese name…but…and, of course, Phish already did chess… so bingo was the next best choice.

FANS: Lastly, we’d love to know: If you were auditioning for a talent show, what would you do? Music, comedy, or another hidden talent?

KH: I’d play recorder on a unicycle!!

This was a genuinely fun interview, big thanks to Kyle for speaking with us! Get your tickets now for more madness and mayhem with Kyle Hollingsworth, only on FANS!