It’s been one week since The Hold Steady livestreamed Massive Nights 2020 from Brooklyn Bowl. And what a week it has been.

We’re brimming with gratitude from The Hold Steady’s energetic, unifying performance. Seeing Brooklyn Bowl back in action brought tears to our eyes. Hearing the heartfelt stories from the fans who shared this communal, digital gathering kept our hearts full. Of course the pets, babies, and dancing In The Stream kept us laughing, too.

The special moments shared through Massive Nights 2020 reminded us that great bands unify community and can defy any distance. Though we’ve long-known since 2003, 2020 proved that now, more than ever, is the best time to be a Hold Steady fan.


The energy exuding at any THS live performance – in-person or virtual – is palpable. It’s a tangible testament to The Hold Steady and Craig Finn’s gritty storytelling, passionate performing, and stirring set lists. From stage banter to songs, they never let their fans forget that we are all The Hold Steady, live music heals, and there is So. Much. Joy.


It’s tough to find the words to appropriately capture the unified experience in being a Hold Steady fan, but this Mashable piece by Tim Marcin does wonders. A fan-base that’s able to connect across continents and screens is a fan group we should all strive to be part of.

At some point in the show, Finn asked the Zoom participants to hold up signs of where they were watching. As the projected image cycled through the large Zoom room, signs began popping up. Soon enough: D.C., Colorado, California, I forget where else. Then, on its own, the signs changed to messages hope, bits of lyrics, proclamations about how much a silly livestream meant. They read: “Room is empty but hearts are not,” “we love you, we needed this,” “nice to know I am not alone at a Hold Steady show.” – Mashable

Something beautiful happened. No, it was not normal rock show. But instead of being a Brooklyn show, it became a worldwide gathering. This community was built for this weird moment. It was not the same, but it was sweet. – Mashable


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This year has been unimaginable in far too many ways, for far too many folks. The Hold Steady never imagined livestreaming this annual tradition, and their fans didn’t either. But together, the momentum kept moving and live music was experienced. Without the communal positivity from the band and their fans, it wouldn’t be possible.

From stage banter to songs, they never let their fans forget that we are all The Hold Steady, live music heals, and there is So. Much. Joy.


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